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Locate Load is a fully automated on-line communication solution, designed to reduce the logistical challenges in matching loads to available trucks. We service the complete Transportation Industry, from the smallest to the largest operators and Logistic Businesses in the Agricultural, Mining and Distribution Industries.

From a single access point, Locate Load assists with identifying all potential work available to transport operators while meeting the requirements of the Chain of Responsibility legislation and Occupational Health & Safety related issues associated with the daily movement of freight and fulfilling loads.

Locate Load is NOT a loading agent, as the posting party (the company acquiring the freight to be moved) has sole discretion which carrier or transport company will be awarded the contract.

Locate Load was designed to improve the transparency within the freight industry, furthermore only those carriers invited to participate by the posting party have the ability to view limited information about the job. Once the carrier has been awarded the load, carriers have the ability to attach POD's. Optional online invoicing with daily summary sheets emailed to posting party and direct invoicing is also highly valued by our existing users.

(only publicly listed jobs shown here)

(only publicly listed jobs shown here)